• Electronic Information Workflow

    We design dedicated solutions of electronic information workflow which improve communication and cooperation between locations in distance.
  • OVS Sales System

    We designed and implemented advanced sales system, providing the possibility to meet the needs of our customer. The system is connected with storage and sales tools of the Italian headquarters.
  • Let's check which area in your company can be improved

    Our mission is to create conditions the development of businesses, through the implementation of modern technological solutions. Each implementation begins with a thorough analysis of the functioning the company and identify the elements for improvement

System B2B Asiston



We designed and implemented advanced Fashion Sales System at OVS SpA - Leader in European Fashion industry which belong to Gruppo Coin.


AB Klima

Preparation and implementation system allowing to increase the work efficiency and reduce inequalities in relation to the manufacturer system.


Lech Wałęsa Institute

The introduction of electronic information flow, facilitate communication and collaboration between remote centers.


Company management

We provide IT solutions to improve the management of your business.


Sales network

IT tools to support the logistics and marketing management of the sales network.


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